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Hello all! Welcome to my webpage/history blog. When I say “history,” I am in fact talking about not only history as a study and a discipline, but also about a number of related fields, from archaeology and anthropology to writing and research. I promise you that this site will provide than just my musings on whatever historical topics interest me, but also reviews about books, movies, and documentaries related to the field of history, as well as articles pertaining to a wide range of topics. I read and research broadly across a number of disciplines, and am a member of the American Historical Association, the Archaeological Institute of America, the Conference on Latin American History, and the American Society for Ethnohistory. You will also find that my definition of what pertains to “history” is rather broadly defined; classic films, especially film noir will assuredly arise as topics of review and contemplation, as will classic works of literature, especially those which are deeply rooted in the culture and can be considered the distinct product of a particular era or age. I hope to find topics that are both diverse and interesting, as well as pertinent and thought provoking. For example, as a first topic, I plan to look at The Lost City of Z, both David Grann’s award winning journalistic history book, as well as the new theatrical adaptation, starring Charlie Hunnam, and look at the fine line between academic and “popular” history, especially where Hollywood is involved. I guess we will just have to see where this journey takes us.

About Collin Lee

I am an independent writer, historian, and researcher based out of Vermont. Though I hold a masters in history (with an emphasis on World History) from Norwich University, my primary interest and research has been centered around Mesoamerica, most recently the Yucatán during the colonial era. However, my interests are wide, diverse, and largely esoteric.
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